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Teak Furniture Warehouse: Low Overhead Equals Low Prices

teak warehouse

Many companies use terms like “teak furniture warehouse” and other versions to convey the idea that they have low overhead and costs, and therefore lower prices.

It’s certainly true that a business with lower costs should be able to pass some savings on to their customers.  However, many of these companies that use “teak warehouse”, “furniture warehouse”, etc, are in reality very large enterprises.

teak warehouse - unloading

Atlanta teak warehouse. Unloading our container from Thailand at our shared warehouse space

At Atlanta Teak Furniture, we truly do have extremely low overhead.  In most cases, you’ll deal directly with the owner.  No commissioned sales people, in fact, very few employees.  Our warehouse space is relatively small, but packed to the brim with the highest quality teak furniture in the world.

When looking deeper at some of the “warehouses” out there, you can see signs that all is not as it seems.  Many will show a picture of their building.  In some cases, these operations are supporting anywhere for 10,000 square feet of space to over 50,000 square feet.  Many have multiple locations.  A few even show pictures of their fleet of delivery trucks.  This all adds up to a lot more employees, overhead and costs that the name “warehouse” implies.

Teak Furniture Warehouse: Beware of Large Teak Companies

Additionally, just because they are a “warehouse” doesn’t necessarily mean they are the direct importer of the product.  Many of these teak warehouses are really just distributors of products that others have imported into the country.  Also, many “teak furniture warehouse” sites are really part of larger companies that sell all types of furniture: teak, wicker, polyrattan, aluminum, etc.  They are far from specialists.

And as always when looking at these types of businesses online, make sure that they clearly state their address, phone number and street address.  If you have to dig too hard to find this information, that is a bad sign.

Atlanta Teak Furniture is a small, local business that specializes in outdoor teak furniture.  It’s our sole focus and we don’t sell other types of furniture.  We take pride in outstanding customer service and being very knowledgeable about our product line.

And you can find us at 5305 Peachtree Industrial Blvd, Atlanta, GA 30341.  (678) 429-2814.  [email protected].

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