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Wholesale Teak Furniture – What it really means

Not all wholesale teak furniture is what it seems

When shopping for wholesale teak furniture, you will find many stores, outlets and websites that claim to have wholesale furniture and wholesale prices.

But often, these sellers are not really wholesalers.  Quite often, they still get their furniture from other distributors and/or importers.  Most teak furniture is made overseas and imported into the United States. Consequently, there are typically several stops before the consumer buys the furniture.

Many so-called wholesale teak furniture sellers buy from distributors.  In some cases, these large distributors aren’t even the direct importer of the furniture.  So in some cases, while the business you are buying from claims to be giving you wholesale pricing, you are really several steps – and pricing markups – away from the actual importer or factory.

At Atlanta Teak Furniture, we work directly with our partner factory in Thailand.  We order our teak furniture by the container load.  The containers are shipped from Thailand directly to our Atlanta warehouse.  In turn, we sell directly to the public from the warehouse.  Our teak store truly provides wholesale prices.  There is no middleman at all.

Combined with our super low overhead, we are able deliver the best prices on the highest quality teak furniture anywhere.

What to look for and look-out for

So what about those ridiculously low “wholesale” or “warehouse” prices?  Well, take a hard look at the quality of the furniture.  Can the quality they are claiming really be produced for those prices?  Probably not.

Also, if the business you are buying from claims to be selling wholesale teak furniture, but does not have the items in stock, then they are likely not really selling wholesale.  If they tell you that you will have your furniture in 3-4 weeks, then that is a sign that the seller is not a wholesaler, but a redistributor of lower quality furniture being passed off as higher quality.

So, when shopping for the best teak furniture at the best prices, don’t be fooled by false claims of wholesale teak furniture at unreasonably low prices.  Ask the seller where they get the furniture.  If the answer is somewhere other than direct from the factory, then look somewhere else.

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