As a teak furniture manufacturer, we at Atlanta Teak Furniture feel a responsibility to contribute to the green movement through sustainable practices and recycling.

Green Sustainable Teak

The teak we use in our furniture construction all comes from sustainable and renewable forest sources. In accordance with a well-established system, we use only teak from properly managed, reforested, sustainable forests. When a tree is cut down, five new seeds are planted to assure sustainability of the forest.

The Benefits of Teak

While the raw materials for other products (aluminum, stainless steel, plastic,  etc.) must be fabricated using energy-intensive and chemical-laden processes, our primary raw material (teak) grows naturally with no need for energy input.

Once the useful life of a wood piece of furniture is at its end, the wood will biodegrade in the landfill.

With its high durability (75+ years), teak furniture will last decades longer than furniture made from other woods. Consequently, fewer trees will be used as it will need to be replenished much less frequently.  Further, although teak furniture is biodegradable, it will be decades before it even needs to be thrown out and end up in a landfill.

All of our boxes are made from recycled material.  Atlanta Teak also recycles all of its cardboard boxes whenever possible on local Atlanta, GA orders and deliveries.