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Teak Furniture for Condo Living

teak condo furniture

Using teak furniture for condo living and other small spaces is a great design idea.  However, when thinking of outdoor furniture, we often think about using teak furniture in large outdoor areas such as poolside, at the lake or in the mountains.  We’ve seen teak furniture used around the outdoor fireplaces and fire pits as well.  It has also become common to extend our homes’ living spaces onto our suburban backyards, patios and decks.

These same principles make teak furniture for condo living a great solution.  In fact, the idea of expanding one’s living space to the outside of the traditional four walls is even more relevant for smaller spaces like condos and apartments.  Using all the available spaces will increase your enjoyment of your environment.

Excellent Options of Teak Furniture for Condo Living

Smaller condo or apartment decks can typically accommodate a few pieces of furniture.  In this case, a small bistro

teak furniture for small spaces

Teak Furniture for Small Spaces: Rocking Chairs and cafe table

set – two chairs and a side table would be perfect.  Small enough for the intimate space, but large enough for drinks or a light meal.

Many condos and apartments have outdoor patios or decks as large as some homes.  Many can hold a dining table for four people or large lounge chairs, such as teak chaise loungers, captain’s steamers or Adirondack chairs.

For maximum utilization of these types of spaces, folding furniture may come in handy.  A 48” round drop leaf table and four teak folding chairs will provide comfortable dining for a party of four.  When not using the set, the pieces can be folded up and set aside, making room for other items.  Alternately, stacking chairs can be used as well.   Four dining chairs stacked one on top of the other take up about the same amount of room as four teak folding chairs stored.

Teak captain steamers are also fold-able, and could be exchanged with the dining set when lounging on the deck is desired.  Likewise, teak chaise loungers could be moved aside and stacked on top of each other when not in use.

teak furniture for condo living

Teak Furniture for Condo Living and Small Spaces: Reclaimed Teak Dining Set on patio

Some spaces will even be large enough for bigger items such as large dining tables.

Whatever the size of your patio or deck, teak furniture for condo living is a great idea.

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