Atlanta Teak from Thailand vs. “Other” Teak Furniture from Indonesia

We take immense pride in offering only the best in teak furniture products, and that is why we manufacture our products in Thailand (see this information in our video format):

Teak is indigenous to Thailand:

In Thailand, the trees grow much more naturally, stronger and have a denser grain than teak trees in Indonesia. TEAK IS NOT INDIGENOUS TO INDONESIA, COSTA RICA OR AFRICA.  In fact, teak from Thailand has a natural oil content that is 500% greater than teak from Indonesia – this means that Thai teak is heavier and denser, and therefore will perform much better outdoors than anything from Indonesia!
Longer growth cycle:
The teak trees in Thailand are allowed to grow for 45 years, which is the reason for its strong density.  In Indonesia, teak trees rarely grow longer than 25 years which is why the color & grain are very light.  When seeking the sophistication of teak, you must know that there is a significant quality difference between Thai teak and Indonesian grown teak.  There are many grades of teak quality and we have chosen the best quality, Grade A Thai teak.

Sophisticated kiln-drying process:

All of our teak wood is kiln-dried to an 8% moisture content prior to construction using our sophisticated kiln-dry technology system.  This is a very important process, and is often ignored by Indonesian factories because.

It takes over 24 days to be completed correctly – actually, many Indonesian factories merely put the wood outside for 2 weeks and label it as “kiln-dried”, which is not correct and results in an inferior product.

Atlanta Teak’s incredible manufacturing experience, high quality teak and excellent kiln-drying process make us an easy choice over any Indonesian teak furniture manufacturers.

Ecologically Correct
Environmentally correct.

In accordance with a well-established system, we use only teak from properly managed, reforested, sustainable forests. When a tree is cut down, five new seeds are planted to assure sustainability of the forest.

Quality Materials & Kiln-Drying

All of our furniture is constructed from Grade A teak wood, “Tectona Grandis”, sourced from sustainable forest resources.  We only use the center cuts from the tree, and thus there are no visible knots found anywhere on our products.  After seeing the grain of the wood in our furniture, it becomes very clear to our customers just how special these products really are!The teak is kiln-dried to 8% moisture content, assuring that it will last a lifetime outside in any weather conditions without cracking or warping.  This is a very important process, and any moisture content  higher than 8% is unacceptable – many companies only kiln-dry their wood to 15% moisture content to save time and money, leaving you the customer with an inferior and over-priced product!Lastly, we use extra-thick cuts of teak in all of our products to maximize the quality of the final product.  When buying teak furniture, you should look at the thickness of the arms, legs and table tops – this will give you an indication as to the quality of the furniture that you are purchasing, the thicker the better.  In the backs of our benches, we leave minimal gaps between the teak rungs – this is yet another indication of our superior quality.

Superior Construction & Craftsmanship

Our partner factory in Thailand has been manufacturing premium outdoor teak furniture for over 40 years, and it shows! All furniture is constructed using machine-made mortise and tenon joints – this assures maximum durability.  All of our joints, bevel edges and round edges are manufactured to specifications that allow for perfect symmetry.  We use only the highest quality outdoor glue to assure that these products will remain in tact for many years to come.All of our chairs, tables and benches are precisely level – un-level legs are not permitted!  You will not feel any movement in the chairs when you sit down.

Unique Design

We pride ourselves in offering teak patio furniture that is innovative and unique in design.  We have a highly talented team of designers located at our factory just outside of Bangkok, Thailand.

Quality Control

We assemble and disassemble every product prior to packaging to make sure that it has been manufactured and designed to our highest of standards.

Designed For Comfort

Atlanta Teak Furniture prides itself in not only making beautiful and durable products, but we also put a focus on making sure that all of our furniture is comfortable.

Our chairs and benches have curves in the bottoms and backs that provide a very relaxing experience.

Smart Packaging:
Products are packaged tightly to assure little movement during transport.  We include detailed assembly instructions in each package, and most products should not take longer than 10 minutes to put together.