Our Company

How long have you been in business?
Atlanta Teak Furniture has been selling the best outdoor teak furniture in the world since 2005.
How do you sell the best teak furniture at the best prices?

There are three basic principles to our strategy.

  • Sell the best outdoor teak furniture in the world. This sounds obvious, but most of the teak furniture on the market comes from nations where the trees are not indigenous.  Also, most products are not manufactured to our standards.  Click here to learn more about our products.
  • We are the direct importer. Our furniture arrives at our warehouse in Atlanta directly from our partner factory in Thailand.  Absolutely no middleman.  (Well, except a ship, train and truck.)  Most retail stores don’t buy directly from the factory and there are several steps (markups) from the source.
  • We have extremely low overhead. We sell to the trade and public directly from our warehouse.  No fancy showrooms, no commissioned sales people.  We work hard to keep our expenses low, so we can keep our prices low.

Typically, if you can find our prices retail, the quality will be half.  If you can find our quality, the price will be double.

Can you answer my questions about outdoor teak furniture?
Absolutely!  All we sell is teak outdoor furniture.  It’s our unique focus.  We’ve been to the factory; understand the properties of teakwood as well as the manufacturing processes.  We also are very knowledgeable about our product line.  Have a question about a product?  Want to know about care and maintenance of outdoor teak furniture?  Contact us now.  We love to talk about teak.
What is your business model?
Our goal is simple.  To sell the highest quality outdoor teak furniture in the world for less than others sell the brand name and lower quality items.Read our testimonials to learn what our customers are saying about us.
Can I touch and feel your products before I make my decision?
Of course!  We love to show off our outdoor teak furniture and wouldn’t have it any other way.  Your teak furniture will last a very long time and you should have the opportunity to make an informed decision.  Avoid websites that don’t list a physical address or don’t let you stop by.

What are your hours?

In order to keep our costs down, we work by appointment.   Each customer can get the attention they deserve.  We’d love to see you at our warehouse, so contact us now to set up your appointment.  We also have frequent Open House sales, when no appointment is necessary.  Check our website for the latest dates and times.

Do you have your products in stock?

Yes.  We stock all of the items we sell and do our best not to run out.  Unlike most stores that are simply showrooms and don’t have any inventory, you can likely have your items the same day.

Do you have experience with the trade sector?

Yes, we are a major supplier to the contract and wholesale markets.  We are able to provide expert advice with regards to our furniture in any commercial application.  We also work with designers, landscape architects and others on residential designs.