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Why Teak Wood Outdoor Furniture is Superior

superior teak bench

Here’s a back to the basics question we get asked a lot at Atlanta Teak Furniture : Why is teak wood outdoor furniture superior?teak wood outdoor furniture

The answer is simple: Teak wood is dense and has natural oils and resins in the wood.


Teak is a very dense wood, which makes it very durable. Damage from the elements (snow, wind, and sunshine) is rare in teak wood outdoor furniture.  This durability also ensures your outdoor teak furniture will last a long time; preventing you from spending a lot of money to keep replacing your outdoor furniture.

Natural Oils

No other material offers the combination of density and natural oils as teak. Most of the other hardwoods on the market recommend coating with stains, linseed oil or other “protectors” every year. This is not necessary with teak. The oils in teak wood are throughout the product, so a top coating is not necessary.  Therefore, the washing away of or waring away of the wood’s natural oils cannot happen.

It is the combination of these two things that has made teak wood the premier material for outdoor furniture for generations.

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