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To Extend or Not to Extend…That is the Question!

These days many people are looking for bigger outdoor tables to accommodate their ever-growing families; others are just looking to get a table with a little more top space so they can cover it with a plethora of food dishes and still not feel cramped while dining. And still others are buying tables of greater size with the idea in mind that they might have more dining guests in the future if the stork makes a visit(s) to their home.

For all of these reasons, the extension table can be a very elegant and practical solution. Teak outdoor extension tables generally come in a variety of sizes, but the real advantage of them is that they contain a self-storing leaf that easily folds out to add more table-top space to the table. Again, the leaf is self-storing…I’ll repeat it again, self-storing. Gone are the days of taking out the table leaf when guests aren’t over, wrapping it in a cloth and trying to find an area in your already over-cramped house to hide it until company comes again. With the self-storing leaf, all you do is pull the ends of the table out at each side and the leaf folds out into the middle of the table. If you are having people over (or you just want to create more space between yourself and your usual dining compatriots) all you have to do is flip out the self-storing leaf and now your table is over a foot longer!

Atlanta Teak has a wonderful variety of teak extension tables, and I’d encourage you to go visit either their Atlanta or Charlotte warehouse on a Saturday to take a look.

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