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Teak in the shower?

Washing your feet in the shower can be a tedious and dangerous task. How many times have you almost fallen over while trying to balance on one foot to scrub the other?

Why not take the peril out of showering and buy a teak shower stool? Teak shower stools are not only great for their seating, but they are extremely durable. Teak doesn’t warp even when exposed to high levels of water and humidity. Furthermore, teak is an exceptionally dense wood – so it will stay smooth as it ages, which is good news for your bottom!

Another great use for the teak shower stool is for women – can you guess? That’s right ladies, the teak shower stool can be a great crutch when you are shaving your legs.

If you have a larger bathroom, you might be interested in adding a small, backless bench just outside your shower or bathtub. Once again, teak is a great product for such use because of its durable characteristics in humid environments.

Atlanta Teak Furniture offers several beautiful teak shower products.

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