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Finding Teak Furniture in Stock

Teak Furniture In Stock? Really?

While searching for the highest quality teak furniture, many shoppers are looking for teak furniture in stock. It’s only natural. Once you’ve made your decision, you’d like to start enjoying your new furniture and outdoor space as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, it can be challenging to find teak furniture actually in the store. Most retail outlets do not stock much in their local showrooms. When these outlets talk about teak furniture in stock, they typically mean in stock in a distribution center somewhere. And this distribution center may not even be one they own. Often, these sellers are just buying from the manufacturer or even another distributor and having it shipped to them. One customer was even told; “We have it in stock, so you will have it in 4-5 weeks.”

The Atlanta Teak Furniture Difference

in stock teak furniture

Atlanta Teak Furniture keeps a large inventory of in stock teak furniture

Not at Atlanta Teak Furniture. We work directly with our partner factory in Thailand and keep inventory of everything we sell in our warehouse. We maintain a large inventory of teak furniture in stock that is typically available for pickup or shipping within one day.

This not only allows you to start enjoying your outdoor space as soon as possible, it also helps you to avoid the many mark-ups that most retailers charge. A retailer may buy from a distributor who may or may not be the original importer. So it’s possible that your new teak furniture may have gone through as many as three or four companies (read: price increases) before it got to you.

At Atlanta Teak Furniture, our product comes directly from our partner factory to our loading dock. This allows us to offer our teak furniture in stock without the many price markups that are standard in the furniture market.  So, with us, you get the highest quality teak furniture possible, at the best prices without having to wait forever to take it home and enjoy.

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