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Teak Furniture from Thailand Higher Quality than that from Indonesia

Teak is indigenous to Thailand:

Therefore, the trees grow much more naturally, stronger and have a denser grain than teak trees in Indonesia (TEAK IS NOT INDIGENOUS TO INDONESIA, COSTA RICA OR AFRICA). In fact, teak from Thailand has a natural oil content that is 500% greater than teak from Indonesia – this means that Thai teak is heavier and denser, and therefore will perform much better outdoors than anything from Indonesia!

Longer growth cycle:

The teak trees in Thailand are allowed to grow for 45 years, which is the reason for its strong density. In Indonesia, teak trees rarely grow longer than 25 years which is why the color & grain are very light. When seeking the sophistication of teak, you must know that there is a significant quality difference between Thai teak and Indonesian grown teak. There are many grades of teak quality and we have chosen the best quality, Grade A Thai teak.

Sophisticated kiln-drying process:

This is a very important process because it removes moisture from the wood which prevents it from cracking and warping in the future. However, this process is often ignored by Indonesian factories because it takes over 24 days to be completed correctly – actually, many Indonesian factories merely put the wood outside for 2 weeks and label it as “kiln-dried”, which is not correct and results in an inferior product.

In conclusion, teak furniture from Thailand is a higher quality product and will perform better outdoors than Indonesian teak furniture. This is why Atlanta Teak Furniture only uses teak wood from Thailand in all of its furniture.

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