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Teak Fire Pit Furniture

Many people view Autumn as the perfect time to be outdoors. The cool days make for fun outdoor activities like hiking, bike riding and more. And the chillier nights are perfect for lighting up those fire pits and enjoying time with friends.

When deciding between the types of teak fire pit furniture, there are a few considerations. First, of course, you need to decide how much seating you need. This will be determined by the size of your fire pit and the space available around it.

Adirondack Chairs

One of the most popular items of teak fire pit furniture is our Teak Adirondack Chair. These chairs are relaxing and comfortable. Many Adirondack chairs lean too far back, making them uncomfortable and hard to get out of. Our Adirondack chairs have the perfect amount of recline making them extremely comfortable for long chats around the fire pit. It also make them easy to get in and out of.

firepit furniture - adirondack chairs

Teak Adirondack chairs around the firepit

Teak Deep Seating

Another popular option for teak firepit furniture is our teak deep seating chairs and loveseats. These items are spacious and comfortable like our Adirondacks and add the softness of a Sunbrella outdoor cushions. Choosing your custom color and fabric can also add color and style to your firepit area.

firepit furniture - teak lounge chairs

teak lounge chairs around the firepit

Teak Benches and Chairs

Other options for teak fire pit furniture are our teak chairs and benches. These classic teak items are great for everyone. They are comfortable and durable, but are not as low to the ground as some other options. This makes them convenient for guests of all ages. Choose a combination of individual chairs, 2-seater and 3-seater benches for maximum flexibility.

fire pit furniture - teak benches and chairs

Teak chairs and benches around the firepit

Teak Rocking Chairs and Gliding Benches

Teak Rocking chairs and gliding benches serve as great teak fire pit furniture for those that like a little movement. Gently rock or glide while enjoying the cool evening and the warm fire.

If space allows, a small teak dining set or café table by the fire pit can be great for entertaining. Sit comfortably at the table with your friends while the fire warms you nearby.

And of course, you can mix and match all these teak fire pit furniture items to make your own customized ultimate fire pit area.

teak furniture around the fire pit

Teak fire pit furniture – adirondack chairs, gliding bench and dining set

For more information on all your teak furniture for the fire pit options or to see our products in person, make an appointment with Atlanta Teak Furniture Today.

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