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Teak Cleaner vs. Teak Oil

Many teak furniture owners usually slap on a coat of teak oil at the beginning of each year to “spruce” it up for the upcoming spring & summer seasons. They learn of this maintenance technique from teak furniture companies that lack the knowledge of their product to give them good advice.

At Atlanta Teak Furniture, we are highly opposed to using teak oil on our teak furniture products (or any for that matter). Teak is naturally resistant to mildew and mold. However, once teak oil is applied to the furniture it now provides a surface for mildew and mold to grow. Also, the way in which the teak oil reacts to the sunlight causes black spots to form on the furniture as well. Not to mention that the teak oil gives the furniture a darker, unnatural appearance and hides the grain of the wood.

Atlanta Teak recommends that teak cleaner be used to treat outdoor teak furniture. This is a water-based product that can be purchased for about $15 on It is an extremely easy application, and it gets all of the dirt, grime and weathering out of the wood furniture (it actually reduces some of the silver patina and brings out the natural honey appearance).

So in the future, do what’s best for your teak furniture and choose teak cleaner over teak oil.

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