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Tips for Choosing Sturdy Outdoor Furniture That Can Withstand All the Seasons

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Solid Teak Furniture

Furniture is an essential part of the home and more homeowners are choosing to extend their living spaces to the outdoors. Homeowners typically look for pieces of furniture that are built to last for many years. This is why homeowners should look for sturdy outdoor furniture when they want to add an element of style to their garden and landscape.

If you and your family spend a lot of time outdoors it is crucial that you have quality furniture so you can relax comfortably. However, it can be difficult to find outdoor furniture that is durable and comfortable. In order for outdoor furniture to be considered durable and sturdy, it must be able to handle all the seasons.

Fortunately, if you follow several tips for choosing sturdy outdoor furniture, you will find and purchase furniture that will last for decades.  If you choose carefully, you can also find quality choices that require little maintenance. Once you understand what you should look for and how to care for your outdoor furniture, you will have beautiful furniture that can withstand time and the elements.

Purchase Furniture That Is Weather Resistant

It is important that you buy outdoor furniture that is resistant to the harsh winter weather, dry summer months and everything in between. Although outdoor furniture can be made from materials such as plastic or metal, teak wood is the material many homeowners prefer because it is beautiful, natural and environmentally friendly. Teak wood is not only weather resistant, it is also water resistant. This type of wood is virtually impermeable.

Select the Best Material

As stated earlier, the better the material, the more durable the outdoor furniture will be. Teak is a type of wood, that has a unique combination of density and natural oils and resins. It is a popular material for outdoor furniture because it is:

  • Resistant to swelling
  • Resistant to shrinking
  • Resistant to rotting
  • Resistant to warping

Teak is widely known for being sturdy and durable, and it is easy to maintain.

Find Furniture That Is Well Constructed

You should take some time to look at how the furniture you are interested in is constructed. Durable furniture is typically constructed with screws that are rust resistant. Avoid furniture that is held together with staples, nails or other subpar materials.  Quality teak furniture will be kiln-dried, use mortise and tenon joinery and be made from old growth Thai teak trees.

These are just a few of the tips that you should consider when you want to purchase sturdy outdoor furniture. Although durable outdoor furniture may cost more than other types of furniture, the investment will be returned to you when you can enjoy beautiful and high quality furniture for years.

Do you want to see how durable teak outdoor furniture can transform your outdoor space? Schedule an appointment with Atlanta Teak or visit one of our open houses!


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