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Why Solid Teak Furniture is the Best Option for Outdoor Furniture

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Solid Teak Furniture

Solid teak furniture is considered the best option for outdoor furniture because it is water resistant, mildew and mold resistant, and insect resistant. ‘A’ grade teak is used to manufacture the highest quality furniture in the industry. If you want durable and long lasting outdoor furniture, look no further than solid teak.

Teak wood is also considered the best material to use for outdoor furniture because the wood remains stable even when the climatic conditions are harsh. This quality, combined with excellent construction, guarantees that solid teak furniture will have a long life span even when left outside permanently.

Solid teak wood is used to construct the highest quality outdoor furniture. There is no other wood that has the same combination of very high density and natural oil content, which makes it more resistant to various outdoor climates. Outdoor teak furniture will accentuate the natural setting of your outdoor space, while also creating comfort. Teak wood:

  • Is natural (eco-friendly)
  • Looks great
  • Is low maintenance
  • Doesn’t need to be covered

Solid Teak Furniture Is Easy to Maintain

Taking care of your outdoor teak furniture is easy, requiring just some soap and water, but there are a couple things you should avoid doing.

  • Do not paint: Paint can compromise the oil that is found naturally in the wood, and can cause the wood to dry out.
  • Do not stain: Stain can also cause the wood to become dry by leaching out the natural oils.
  • Do not pressure wash:  Pressure washing teak furniture will make the surface of the wood bumpy and pitted.  Spray from a normal garden hose will remove debris just fine.

For over 100 years, teak has been the wood of choice for shipbuilding due to teaks ability to prevent dry rot. If solid teak wood has been used this long in the water, how long do you think your outdoor teak furniture will last? Don’t waste your money on inferior wood furniture. Make an appointment with Atlanta Teak and find out how solid teak furniture will transform your outdoor living space.

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