Removing every day spills, stains and scratches from teak furniture.

Removing everyday spills stains and scratches from you outdoor teak furniture is easier than you may think.  Try to address the issue as soon as possible and you may avoid more effort in the future.

For stains and spills, first start with soap and water with a sponge or rag and scrub briskly.  If that does not work, use your soap and water with a Scotch-Brite sponge or something with a similarly mild abrasive surface.  This generally takes care of most everyday type spills if taken care of early enough. (Do not use metal pads such as Brillo pads).

Tougher stains or scratches can be removed quite simply using ordinary sandpaper. The grade of sandpaper depends on the degree of damage. For light damage, use a smoother sandpaper (the higher the number, the smoother).  For more serious issues, use a more course sandpaper.  Once the spot or damage is gone, go back over the area with a smoother sandpaper.

For tougher stains, including mold or mildew, see our Cleaning and Maintenance FAQs, or see our other blogs.