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Random Feel-Good for Atlanta Teak Furniture

Here’s a fun story that made us feel really great about our products at Atlanta Teak Furniture. We’re always talking about how Thai teak is the best on the market since that is where it is indigenous. We tell folks how the native soil is important to the density and natural resin of the wood.

Well, two guys wandered by our last open house. They saw our samples and stopped to look. Turns out they were forestry PhDs from UGA. So, here are two “wood experts” checking out our stuff. One of them was from India and very familiar with the wood varieties from southeast Asia. Needless to say we were eager to hear their thoughts.

And: Yes! They validated everything we believe about our products. They were really excited looking at the quality of our wood. They started explaining things about wood that quite frankly we don’t really understand – things like cellular structures, etc. But the point was that our Thai teak was tops. This encounter made us feel great and put big smiles on our faces.

So, make sure to ask where teak comes from before you buy. Thailand is the best answer.

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Teak Lutyens Bench - 5'

Teak Lutyens Bench – 5′