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How Outdoor Teak Furniture is Made

The best outdoor teak furniture is made from a specific species of tree, Tectona grandis, which native to Thailand, Myanmar (Burma) and parts of India. At Atlanta Teak Furniture, all of our outdoor teak furniture comes from Thailand and is manufactured there by our partner factory.

Atlanta Outdoor Teak Furniture

Young Teak Trees (approx. 7 years)

Here is a brief description of how a teak tree gets from the ground to your backyard.

Teak trees have large leaves and white flowers. At Atlanta Teak, all of our trees are at least forty years old before they are harvested. This allows for a very good teak wood with a extremely high oil content. Many trees used for mass production are cut down after only 20 years. Only the center portion of the tree is used, no sapwood (outer part) is allowed. For this reason, you will not see any knots in our premium outdoor teak furniture.

Once the best trees are identified, they are brought to the factory. Upon arrival, they are kept in a pond to keep them from splitting and drying out, which would cause cracks making the tree yield less usable wood.

Next, the trees are made into planks of various sizes. These planks are then kiln dried to 8% moisture content. This is the lowest moisture level in the industry and takes about 3 weeks to accomplish. Removing the moisture reduces the amount of shrinking and expanding of the final product. These kilns are not like the ones you may have seen for pottery. They are the size of a small room!

Outdoor Teak Process

Teak logs for outdoor furniture waiting in a pond

Once dried, the planks are stored until it is time to build your outdoor teak furniture.

Using the best processes and furniture making techniques – such as mortise and tenon joinery, each piece is built to exact tolerances.  Skipping anyone of the above steps will produce an inferior end product of outdoor teak furniture.

From there, the items are shipped to our warehouse. From our warehouse, we sell directly to the trade and to the public.

This is how we bring you the best outdoor teak furniture using the best raw materials and the finest craftsmanship for furniture that will last a lifetime.

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Outdoor Teak Wood

Teak planks ready for use in outdoor teak furniture