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Making of a comfortable outdoor teak chair

When it comes to making a comfortable outdoor teak chair, many manufacturers cut corners. One of the most important aspects of the chair is the contour of the back and seat – and even arms. Many manufacturers simply take flat pieces of teak and put them together. This saves not only in the labor of making the chair, but in the amount of raw material. A contoured surface requires more wood than a flat surface. Each teak chair sold by Atlanta Teak Furniture has a unique contour for comfort.

Also, the number of slates on the chair is important.  Too few slats can make the chair very uncomfortable.  Many manufacturers use less slats to save money.

Combined with our best in class raw material and fine craftsmanship, our chairs will last a lifetime. And since they last so long, shouldn’t they be comfortable?

teak side chair

Royal side chair

Teak Napoli Folding Chair

Teak Napoli Folding Chair

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