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Environmentally Friendly Outdoor Furniture

When looking for environmentally friendly outdoor furniture, naturally teak furniture comes to mind.  Like most wooden furniture, teak furniture is 100% natural. It will not hurt the environment.  Additionally, outdoor teak furniture will last a lifetime. It does not require any chemicals or solvents that could hurt the environment.  Other types of wood will need to be finished in order to extend their life span.

Teak is the most environmentally friendly outdoor furniture

Many outdoor furniture options will not last very long and will end up in the landfill pretty quickly.  Typically, the inexpensive aluminum, power-coated furniture will chip and bend and be discarded in a few years.  Wicker and rattan outdoor furniture will crack, split, sag and break. It will end up in the dump in short order.

The latest trend of “poly-resin”, “poly-wood” , “poly-rattan”, etc, are essentially strong plastic.  While they will last a little longer than aluminum, they are not natural or biodegradable.  Over time, those chemicals that make up the plastics will hurt the environment.  Also, when they are eventually discarded, they will not degrade and will fill up the landfills for a very long time.

Atlanta Teak Furniture recycles

environmentally friendly outdoor furniture

Environmentally Friendly Outdoor Furniture Company – cardboard on the way to the recycling center

The shipping of furniture products requires a lot of packaging materials.  Fortunately, the vast majority of the packaging material used by our partner factory is recyclable cardboard.  At Atlanta Teak Furniture, we are committed to recycling everything that we possibly can.

We save up all our cardboard and take it to the recycling center at the Dekalb Farmer’s Market.  You can you recycle just about anything there. They take cardboard, glass, magazines, etc. As a bonus, we get to stop in pick up some of our favorite types of fresh fruits and veggies. You can also find international options that aren’t available elsewhere.

So, when searching for environmentally friendly outdoor furniture, you won’t find a better option than teak furniture.  And when looking for a supplier who is committed to recycling, you won’t find a better place than Atlanta Teak Furniture.

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