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The Different Kinds of Teak Furniture and Why Teak Is the Best Outdoor Wood

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Outdoor Teak Furniture by Atlanta Teak Furniture

There are many different kinds of teak furniture available to choose from when deciding how to use your outdoor space. For centuries, people have selected teak furniture because of all of the qualities that are present in this premier wood. Fortunately, there are many kinds of teak furniture that can enhance your outdoor garden – from benches, to dining sets to sofas and more.

Why Choose Teak?

Teak is an extremely dense wood that is recognized for being exceptionally durable and beautiful.  Teak wood also contains high levels of oils and resins which prevents the growth of mold and other fungal growth in the wood. It is also more resistant to moisture than other types of wood. By choosing to add different kinds of teak furniture to your garden, deck or patio, you will be assured that the quality of the furniture is second to none.

This unique combination of high density and high oil content is found in no other wood, making teak the preferred wood for outdoor furnishings.


5' Teak Lutyens bench in the garden

5′ Teak Lutyens bench in the garden

Teak benches offer a variety of wonderful outdoor uses.  They are great for relaxing in the yard or garden and their beauty enhances any setting.  They can also be used on the side of outdoor dining tables or around a fire pit.

Often teak benches are used in commemorative areas such as memory gardens and dedicated with plaques.


Chaise Loungers by Atlanta Teak Furniture

Teak Hampton Chaise Lounges with custom cushions

Chaise Lounges and Steamers

Teak chaise lounges and captain’s steamers can be placed near a backyard swimming pool, or they can be placed in your garden or yard. Teak recliners are remarkably comfortable and they are the perfect place to relax with a good book or a cool drink on a warm summer evening. With our without a cushion, these chairs will melt the stress away.




teak dining table and chairs by the fireplace

Teak Samui Extension table with Chelmsford tacking chairs by outdoor fireplace.

Teak Dining Set

Enjoy an informal dinner on your deck or patio with a teak dining set. This is the perfect furniture to host garden dinners for family and friends. Your guests will love the elegant but informal ambiance the furniture provides.




teak sofa and loveseat with teak coffee table

Deep Seating Sofa with Deep Seating Loveseat, Atlantic Coffee Table and Chiang Mai Side Table

Sofa, Loveseats and Chairs

Any outdoor deck or patio can be transformed into a relaxing extension to your how with a teak outdoor deep seating set.  A variety of cushion options ensure that you’ll want to spend hours relaxing outside.






Comfort and durability are two things that individuals have come to expect when they purchase different kinds of teak furniture. These are the cornerstones that have helped to make teak wood the most popular choice for outdoor furniture.

The mission of Atlanta Teak is to sell the highest quality teak furniture available at the best prices. Contact us today to make an appointment so you can purchase the best teak furniture in the Atlanta area.

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