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They like us, they like us!  Well, like and trust. Since 2005, Atlanta Teak Furniture has worked hard to supply the best teak furniture available at the best prices.  All while earning the trust of our customers.

Investigative reporter Dale Cardwell’s website has a stringent 7-point investigative process it uses to objectively research a company’s price, quality and customer service. After submitting to this comprehensive review, Atlanta Teak is Trustdale certified!

teak furniture on Trustdale radio

Larry Finglass from Atlanta Teak visits TrustDale Radio

Recently, Atlanta Teak Furniture owner Larry Finglass made an appearance on Trustdale Radio  The show airs live in Atlanta on 640AM WGST and replays in several other markets including Dallas, Tampa, Birmingham and Nashville. Larry, Dale and Buddy – Dale’s trusted sidekick – spent half an hour on the air talking about teakwood furniture and all its benefits. You can listen to the show here.

At first, they had a lot to learn and were curious about the unique properties of teak furniture.  Yes, teak is a type of tree, it’s very dense and has a high natural oil content.  It will last a very long time.  What separates Atlanta Teak Furniture from the rest of the marketplace is the highest quality teakwood furniture at the best prices, knowledgeable and friendly customer service.

To summarize some of the topics discussed:

  • Teak trees are native to Thailand, Burma (Myanmar) and parts of India. Most teak products in the U.S. market comes from Indonesia, where the trees are not native to the soil.
  • Teak is perfect for outdoor furniture because of the unique combination of density and high natural oil content.
  • Atlanta Teak uses only 40+ year old trees, which in some cases is double the competition. This means denser wood and a much higher oil content.
  • Only the best manufacturing processes should be used in premium furniture. It should be kiln dried wood, precise mortise and tenon joinery, no nails, no chemicals or finishes.

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