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Atlanta Teak Furniture delivers lakeside

At Atlanta Teak Furniture, we get to see some great backyards, decks and patios. We also get to see some great lakes and lake houses. In the last few weeks, we have delivered premium outdoor teak products to some of the area’s most scenic locations. We really love seeing these environments and having our products enhance the natural beauty. We decided to share a few pictures here. Here are a few samples you may enjoy:


lake oconee teak furniture

Teak dining set by Atlanta Teak Furniture at Lake Oconee

lake furniture by Atlanta Teak Furniture

Captain’s chairs from Atlanta Teak Furniture at Lake Burton

teak bench by the lake

Teak Bench by a lake in Tucker, GA

Atlanta Teak Furniture’s teak Charleston Bench at a neighborhood lake in Tucker, GA

On decks at lake houses, our dining sets are very popular. Closer to the water and on the docks, our teak Adirondack chairs, captain’s steamers and chaise lounges are popular for relaxing and enjoying the surrounding scenery. Of course, our teak benches, including teak gliding benches and swings are also popular in these settings.

Teak is the perfect wood for furniture at lake houses and beach houses because of the unique combination of its density and its natural oils. It is extremely mold and mildew resistant and premium teak furniture is easy to clean and take care of with little effort. Because of these qualities, teak has been the preferred wood on boats for a long time. Also, teak furniture is a natural product and is safe for the environment. You can enjoy your teak furniture by the lake for years. If you select the best teak furniture with the best manufacturing standards, it will survive for generations.

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