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Another Example of Cleaning Teak Furniture

As we’ve mentioned, cleaning teak furniture should be easy.

Here is an example of a premium teak coffee table that has not been cleaned for too long. Often, customer don’t believe how easy it is to restore quality teak items to a healthy glow.

teak furniture care

Before and After example of cleaning teak furniture

It’s this simple:
– A bucket of soap and water
– A non-scratch Scotch Brite sponge as we’ve posted previously
– Gently Scrub
– Rinse with clean water
– Dry with towel or rag
Total elapsed time: Less than 10 minutes for this 4′ coffee table!

Of course, we are assuming you are starting with quality teak like we sell at Atlanta Teak Furniture. If the raw material in your product was inferior, lacked the high natural oil content and density of true premium teak, then you may have to try other methods.

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