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A Green Purchase

When you buy a piece of teak furniture for your backyard, patio or deck, you aren’t just augmenting your outdoor living area…your reducing your carbon footprint!

Teak is an extremely durable wood, and when left outside it can last 50+ years with relatively little maintenance (depending on how clean of an eater you are).

By purchasing a piece of teak furniture, you are not buying plastic and creating more plastic that will inevitably be on our earth for the rest of time. Also, cheap plastic outdoor furniture typically needs to be replaced every few years – so over a lifetime families could potentially go through 5 or 6 plastic furniture sets. All of this plastic (along with the chemicals used in producing it) will never decompose and will increase your carbon footprint tremendously.

At Atlanta Teak, we use sustainably-raised teak wood in our furniture. All of our furniture is made with supreme craftsmanship, and will “last a lifetime”.

When you are purchasing your next piece of teak furniture, remember, it’s not only beautiful…it’s “green”!

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